Thursday, June 27, 2013

Buy Local, Buy Wisconsin!

When Making food choices we can support very large multinational food companies whom are more concerned with their bottom line than food safety, nutrition, worker safety and quality, or support local producers who put their pride and skill into their products.  

Riemer Family Farm is a proud member of SSfW!
Yes I am bias to local and naturally raised foods! There are many reasons buying locally makes a difference: building the local economy, knowing what is in our food and how it was raised and supporting sustainable practices with our dollar.  Another advantage is that much less energy is used in transporting food that is nearby! We are committed to only selling our beef within 100 miles of the farm and try to cut down on our trips with the beef trailer by organizing orders by area.  

For much more on local food systems check out this article: Local and Regional Food Systems

or for more on local foods with a lot of gardening inspiration thrown in check out Barbara Kingsolvers: Animal,Vegetable, Miracle

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