Pastured Chicken


Other than my children (and your children/grandchildren) is there really anything cuter than a day old chick? 

These chickens are not only cute, but by August they will also be available for your grill! Our chickens are raise in the brooder (garage) for 3 weeks under heat lamps until their feathers come in and then are moved to a fenced pasture for the remainder of their time.  They are rotated through several paddocks so that they always have access to fresh grass. We are using the day range model this year so that we don't have to "herd" 200 chickens every night!  They are out during the day in their large paddock surrounded by electric netting and have a shelter available 24/7 for shade and sleeping. They will eat grass, but the bulk of their diet will come from natural non-medicated, non-GM chicken feed from our local feed supplier.

Whole Chicken: $3.95/# packaged weight
Whole Chicken cut in half: $4.10/#
Whole Chicken cut in 8 pieces: $4.25

I have heard from many people who have had good pastured chicken that it's just not the same product as what comes from the factory farms and ends up in the grocery stores. We are not limiting the number of chickens that customers can purchase and do expect them to go quickly, so please let us know how many chickens you would like.  Chickens will be ready in August.  I will be making deliveries that include beef, chicken and/or pork to Madison, Platteville and Crystal Lake in early September.

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