Friday, April 29, 2011

A Cows life

So far this Spring we have had 9 calves.

You may be wondering what a Cows life is like on our farm. If not I'm going to briefly fill you in anyway. The cows "come home" in late fall in order to take shelter in the barns and eat fresh hay. They then calve in the spring once the grass starts to turn green. We typically start calving around tax day. When the calves are two or three days old and we are confident that they are healthy we send the cow with her calf down to the pasture where they stay until late fall. Out on the pasture the cows and calves have as much grass as they can eat.

Here are a couple pictures of our little Herefords heading down to pasture last spring. I have yet to get some good shots this spring. Mainly because it's always raining!

We should have about 30 kittens here in the next month. Let me know if you know anyone that wants to give a sweet barn cat a home!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Grilling Season Is Here!

We grilled out for the first time last night! Yeah! We moved an old concrete slab and pieced together some huge old foundation stones to create grilling central right outside our back door. I still need to fill in between the stones with some limestone findings. We are finally getting our yard in order a bit and look a little less like the Beverly Hillbillies, although, we still have a ways to go:) I simply made Riemer Beef burgers and veggies (potatoes, sweet potatoes and onions). Quick tip for burgers: add one egg/lb of beef so that the burger stays together nicely on the grill. This makes them easier to shape and flip and does not alter the taste as far as I can tell.

Sisters...awwww. I guess my girls are not the only sisters that like to cuddle. These lovely ladies (the yellow one might actually be a fuzzy to really figure it out) like to hang out on the porch and watch life go by. Dorthy Ann in the middle is the favorite but they are all very sweet. They did not seem as excited about the yummy grilling smells as I was though!