Friday, September 14, 2012

Cheese Days 2012

Back in 1914, the concept of Cheese Days originated from the notion that if some little town in Illinois could have a festival commemorating sauerkraut, then a celebration based on cheese would be an even better idea.

Visit the Cheese Days website at
We even have a Cheese Days mascot named I'm not kidding!

Every small community in Wisconsin has their festival.  This is one of the things that this Illinois girl loves about WI...(not to mention the Packers, sorry Bears fans). If Byron can have the Turkey Testicle Festival then we can celebrate cheese and all things swiss.  

I think the lyrics to "The Cheese Days" song sum it up best!

Come to Cheese Days in Monroe.
That’s the place for you to go.
Music, dancing, yodeling, too.
And a big parade for you.
And we know you will be pleased.
When you taste Green County Cheese.
Come to Cheese Days, come to Cheese Days,
Come to Cheese Days in Monroe!I think the lyrics to "The Cheese Days" song sum it up best!

Join us this weekend in Monroe, September 14-16 for the Green County fun!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Photos of our cattle

Cattle hanging out by the watering hole

"Handsome Irwin" the nice bull and one of his cow "friends"

Cow with a muddy face!  Awesome, that means there are puddles!
Riemer Family Farm is a multi-generational sustainable beef farm in south central Wisconsin.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Free Range Goats

Q: What do children, chickens, cats, dogs and goats have in common?
Misty and Princess wandering around the yard during morning chores
A: They all love to wander around our yard and play!  

We have come to love our fall evenings in the yard when the weather cools down everyone comes together to hang out in the yard.  Even the goats.  We spent many hours fixing tiny escape routes in their fencing, but finally realized that when they did get out they were really not bother.  So the goats range around as they please.  I'm convinced that they believe they are cattle and will not stray to far from their herd.  They enjoy getting out and finding some new patches of grass to eat in the yard, but always saunter back to there Hereford buddies.  

So I say...Goats be free & enjoy life!