Beef Chart/Butchering Guide

Below is the link for a very helpful beef cut chart in pdf format.  It gives you a picture of each cut and shows what part of the animal that cut is from.   I have also included another picture of the cuts below.

When you call the butcher they will walk you through your options for your side or quarter. Remember there are no dumb questions! They work with people all the time who have never ordered beef in bulk. Questions you can expect are:

Would you like T-bone/Porterhouse or Tenderloins and NY Strips? These are the same cut with the choice being if you would like bones or not. You can not have both :)

Other steaks you could get (listed in order of desirability in most peoples opinion) rib-eye, sirloin tip, sirloin top, round, flank and skirt. How thick would you like your steak? Standard is 3/4". How many per package? Standard is 2.

What roasts would you like? Sirloin tip, rump, chuck, round and arm? How large? 3-4lb is standard.

What size packages of ground beef 1lb, 1.5lb or 2lb packages or a combination? Would you like ground beef patties made? 1/3lb or 1/4lb?

Would you like canning meat, cube steak, stew meat or dried beef?

Would you like short ribs (larger and meatier than the pork baby-back ribs)?

Would you like a brisket? Fresh or Cured (for corned beef)?

Would you like any specialty products? Summer sausage, all beef wieners or bologna?

Would you like heart, tongue or liver?

  • Any cut that you would not prefer-other than the heart, tongue and liver-will be ground with your ground beef.
  • If you eat a lot of ground some cuts you might want to grind might be the round, arm roast and brisket. These are good cuts, but would be slow-cooked cuts to make them more tender. The more cuts you grind the higher quality the ground beef will be.
  • Suggested above are some standards cuts to give you ideas, but you can have whatever you want within the limits of the animal you are ordering....sorry you can't have 100# of tenderloin fillets!
  • Think about what you eat most: roasts in winter, grilled burger and steaks in spring and summer. Take note of what gets shoved to the bottom of your freezer or what you always run out of.
  • Make an inventory and tape it to the top of your freezer so you know what you run out of first.  If possible get more of that cut next time.  This also helps you know when you need to re-order.
  • Remember to let us know a month or more in advance of when you need your meat.  It takes at least two weeks once the animals go in for processing to when it can be delivered.  We typically only butcher once a month.
See, it's not that hard!  ENJOY!