Monday, June 2, 2014

Baby Chicks Have Arrived

The Riemers now have 200 little meat chickens living in our garage!  

These chickens are not only cute, but by August they will also be available for your grill! Our chickens are raise in the brooder (garage) for 3-4 weeks under heat lamps until their feathers come in and then are moved to a fenced pasture for the remainder of their time.  They are rotated through several paddocks so that they always have access to fresh grass. We are using the day range model this year so that we don't have to "herd" 200 chickens every night!  They are out during the day in their large paddock surrounded by electric netting and have a bedded shelter available 24/7 for shade and sleeping. They will eat grass, but the bulk of their diet will come from natural non-medicated, non-GM chicken feed from our local feed supplier. 

See our "Pastured Chicken" page for details on pricing and availability.