Saturday, October 5, 2013

50th Anniversary of the 1963 Corn Picking Contest!

Without a doubt the largest event to ever take place on our farm was the 1963 National Corn Picking Contest.  

Tent City in what is now the hay field across from our house.  I wonder if this shot was taken from the rooftop of the house. Agriculture vendors came from all over the Nation to show off their new farm technologies!

Farmers, vendors and the general public descended on this very plot of land on October 23-24th.  The state champion corn pickers from around the U.S. fired up their pickers and tried to become the National Champ by picking their corn more efficiently than the other competitors.  It was serious competition, trust me, I've seen the grainy video!  The winner....Arlyn Zee...Bryces dad's good friend who happens to live and farm only about 5 miles away! Arlyn still has his championship picker displayed in his farmyard.

The North Field where the competition took place.  This is just behind our house and farm buildings where our current corn field is.  The shed in the forground was built for the building company to show off their sheds.  Willis only had to pay for materials.

Bryces Grandparents, Willis and Lenora Riemer and their dog, Boots.  We live in their farm house in Decatur Township on Riemer Road.

We are so proud to be continuing the deep family tradition of farming on this land.  This land and home are such a blessing to our family.  We are so grateful for the legacy that has been laid out before us! We hope to live up to the Riemer family tradition of raising high quality and sustainable farm products!

Thank you to the Brodhead Historical Society for posting these pictures on their site.  Thanks also to our friend Peg from Sandhill Family Farms for turning us on to these archives on the web!