Beef Availability


We will have a few sides and quarters available right now.  You can also pick and choose from the options below or buy beef by the piece (see price list).  Let us know what you want and we will get it done for you! Contact us via phone or email. 

Our beef is available by the side or mixed quarter. These options consist of a combination of steaks and roasts, as well as ground beef and other specialty items like wieners and patties. A common cutting order would include steaks cut at ¾ inch, roasts at 3-4 lbs, and 1 lb. packages for ground beef. When ordering a side or quarter, you can choose custom options ( see "Beef Chart/Butchering Guide" page for more info).

Quarters and Sides of Beef

Quarter: $3.65/lb hanging weight (including processing and delivery)
Side: $3.40/lb hanging weight (including processing and delivery)

Customers who pick up at the processors in New Glarus, WI or Lena, IL will receive a $30 discount/quarter or $50 discount/side.

Below is a sample of what our available sampler boxes and bundles may have.  Your actual order may vary slightly. 

30# Sampler Box: $180
  • 1-2 Roasts 3# each
  • 6-8 Premium Steaks-Tenderloin, NY Strip, T-bone, Porterhouse, Rib-eye, Sirloin Tip
  • 2 packages of burger patties (4 patties in 1# pkg)
  • 1 packages of all beef wieners (1# pkg)
  • 1 package stew meat
  • 12-14# ground beef in 1# packages
10# Sampler Box: $65
  • 1 Roast 3#
  • 2-4 Premium Steaks
  • 1 package burger patties
  • 1 package wieners
  • 3# ground beef
Grilling Bundle: $120
  •  5# Premium Steak- Rib-eye, NY Strip,Tenderloin Fillet, Porterhouse,T-bone, Sirloin Tip
  • 4 packages burger patties (4 patties in 1# pkg)
  • 3 packages wieners
  •  4# ground beef

Steak Bundle: $120
  • 10# Premium Steaks:approximate break down
  • 2# Tenderloin Fillet & NY Strip Steak
  • 4# Rib-eye Steak
  • 2# Porterhouse and T/Bone
  • 2# Sirloin Tip Steak
Don't see exactly what you want?  We can put together a custom order for you.

See "Price List" page for current prices.

 I will be making deliveries that include beef, chicken and/or pork to Madison, Platteville and Crystal Lake in early September.