Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chicken Day!

Today was the day we have been waiting for! CHICKEN DAY! I got a call from the post lady in the picture at 6:30 am. She said we could pick them up and ring the side door if we were before 8:30. Yes, they really do just come in the mail. We ordered them through a reputable hatchery in Ohio. Before picking them up we went out and filled the food trays and water dish's and were off to town with banana's in hand. Kalena was still in her jammy top.

When we got the chicks home we gently lifted them one at a time and dipped their beaks in the water so that they would know where to drink. Our friend told us to do this, not sure if it's an old farm wives tale or not, but it seemed logical. They immediately started running around and checking out their brooder. They jumped into their food and ate their litter. I gave them a hydrating gel that was supposed to rehydrate the tired little day old travelers.

In all we have 57 chicks: 31 meat birds and 26 hens. The hens are three different breeds: Golden Buff, Plymouth Barred Rock, and Rhode Island Reds. These are all known for their large brown eggs and are excellent layers. We look forward to getting eggs from them in September. Now we need to get to work getting the chicken coop cleaned up.

After they graduate from the brooder they will range around the farmstead by day and hang out in the coop where it's safe from rotten raccoons by night. Say tuned for more adventures in chicken land!