Thursday, October 14, 2010

What did the fast tomato say to the slow tomato?

KETCHUP! Ha, ha, ha...yes I know this is 6 year old humor but that's what I'm dealing with! Elli and I are having a mommy daughter day and having a blast. So far today we have: sent the little sister on a day trip, learned Spanish at breakfast time, gone for a run/bike ride, learned math by baking granola bars, played with and/or feed assorted farm animals and pets and eaten lunch among the falling leaves. Whew! Now Elli is working on painting a big wooden "E" that will be part of our alphabet decoration project. I am really digging homeschooling and I'm pretty sure Elli likes it too!

These are pictures of Elli hanging out with a couple of her best friends after our bike ride and Kalena singing Karaoke in the Oval Office (at a children's museum in St. Louis). These are just a couple of the cool things we are able to do because of the flexibility of homeschooling. I need to get moving and help Elli out with her painting and then off to the Library followed by a visit to our friendly calf Chuck.