Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dude...Where's my Turkey?

"Bryce, could you stop by our favorite chicken farm and pick up a few chickens and maybe turkey?" asked Jen. "Sure, no problem" answered Bryce.

hours later…

Jen asks, "Where is the turkey? I thought you said you got a turkey." "What do you mean?" answers Bryce. "How did you misplace a 17lb. heritage breed (read-not cheap) frozen turkey?" replied Jen. "Do you remember if you put it in the car?" Bryce replies “ummm...I don't know. I might have left it at the farm, or maybe it's in the car. Too bad the car is in town at the shop". "Well," answered Jen "it's unusually warm for February, but I guess it takes turkeys a really long time to thaw, right? I'll email the farmer and see if you left the turkey there."

The next day, Cindi confirmed that the turkey was left on the counter of their farm store. At least there is not a thawing, raw turkey in the back of my car!

Later that day Bryce returned to the chicken farm to pick up the forgotten turkey from the farmer’s spouse who had no idea what Bryce was talking about. Fortunately, he took his word for it and handed over the turkey. With Tom the turkey securely fastened, he made his way back to the homestead only to find raccoons engaging in some sort of Olympic events on the roof of our house. There is always something to keep life interesting here in the country.

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  1. Jen you know this did not surprise any of us at PR, silly Bryce. PR will sadly not be the same next year. I keep telling Bryce he needs to raise a few Alpacas! I come and help and have plenty of great fleece to knit with. YEAH!