Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What's With The Price of Underwear?!

I went shopping for some essentials and early Christmas gifts at Kohl's yesterday. On my list: Christmas dresses for the girls, a sweater for me, electric toothbrush....and underwear. WHAT $19 for a 3 pack of Hanes!? It seems like a couple years ago they were $6-7 bucks. I realize that prices have been artificially low and that this is probably a price correction, but could we ease into this a bit?

Each morning Bryce and I listen to the Wisconsin Farm Report with "The Fabulous Farm Babe" from 5-6 am (yes, we are crazy). We find information that is valuable to our lives and farm almost every day. A couple weeks ago she discussed the price increase of a few key products that everyone uses and that are increasing in price, quite dramatically. Top 2 on the list Cotton & Beef! The summary of the interview can be found at the WI Farm Report Website. I have included a short excerpt from this link.

"Number one," Blohm says, "Cotton! It's at all time highs, so Gramma giving you socks or t-shirts for Christmas this year might actually be a good idea!" Second - beef! Blohm says with the lack of expansion in beef production - supplies are tight so prices will be headed higher. She says now might be a good time to invest in a freezer, and buy a quarter, half, or whole beef animal to ride out the wave.

My conclusion: Stock up on socks, underwear and Riemer Beef! :)

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