Friday, November 19, 2010

Cincinnati Chili

It's a little known fact that Bryce and I spent our first year of marriage living and working just north of Cincinnati, OH. It seemed to us that chili is to Cincinnati as Cheese is to Green county WI. It's a big deal! According to Wikipedia Cincinnati style chili is a regional style of chili characterized by the use of unusual ingredients such as cinnamon, cloves, allspice or chocolate, (yes-CHOCOLATE) and by the absence of chili peppers or chili powder. It is commonly served over spaghetti or as a hot dog sauce.

While served in many regular restaurants, it is most often associated with several fast-food restaurant chains, including Skyline and Gold Star. Let me tell you everyone down there has a strong opinion about which chain makes the best chili. I never did try the ever popular Skyline/Gold Star chili because of my long standing disdain for fast-food and my rule to never order meat from a restaurant unless it's local and/or organic. In most restaurants you never know what kind of horrible factory farm the meat came from. If you want to learn more about that watch "Food Inc.", "Fast Food Nation" or look up the "Meatrix" on You Tube!

Click here for the Cincinnati Chili recipe I used this week. My family loved it! I had to cut Bryce and Kalena off after two servings! I used a full pound of Riemer Beef instead of just 3/4 lb and yummy fresh local Cheddar cheese. We will definitely make this one again. Enjoy!

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