Saturday, August 7, 2010


Last night I was partying like it was 1995 at my class reunion and tonight I spent the evening digging a trench with a grub hoe through my gravel driveway. I'm beginning to learn that nothing comes easy on a farm, even internet access. We had to purchase satellite internet since DSL does not exist for those of us who reside in the middle of nowhere and dial-up is not an option if we want to run our beef business successfully! So, thanks to Paul the super interesting Satellite guy we are connected! BUT... we had to bury a 10 foot pole to mount the dish on since our south facing front yard is full of trees, and bury the cable across the yard and under the driveway.

I really felt like a true homesteader swinging the grub hoe (similar to a pick axe) although the early pioneer women were not digging trenches to bury their satellite internet cables! The hoe was actually creating sparks when the iron head struck a rock with great force. This is the same grub hoe we used to gut the old plaster out of the farmhouse. Bryce took a picture but of course the cord that connects the camera to the computer is MIA...I guess that's the way it goes when you've been living out of box's for a couple months.

So stay tuned for pictures of the house and our life as farmers.

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