Saturday, March 3, 2012

New Inspiration, Friends, Car and the First Calf of the Year!

What a week it has been! I finally feel like I have landed on this Saturday afternoon! We have had so many great experiences this week starting with the MOSES Organic Farming Conference in LaCrosse last weekend. We were inspired, educated and encouraged by other farmers who care about sustainable agriculture right here in the mid-west. We learned a lot about how to make our farm better. I hope to share in more detail in later posts but for now, here is a little pic. of our hens taking advantage of the small piece of bare ground they could find. They are not big fans of snow!

We were able to connect to another great entrepreneurial couple in the are who grow a vast amount of vegetables with the purpose of donating everything back to the Green County Food Pantry. Visit them at Bountiful Hope Farms. We also went to two Monroe Chamber of Commerce events to learn of all the great business going on in this county and gained a greater appreciation and excitement for life and business in this county. We even heared Casey FitzPatrick, olympic gold medalist speak and...he even had the gold medal to show off. It was awesome!!

This was also car shopping week, due to the fact that I (Jen) totalled our trusty CRV a few weeks ago (everyone is fine!). We found a great used mini-van that had fairly low mileage and I'm pretty sure we will have until our 7 year old starts driving. That is unless I drive it into a guard rail in the next 9 years.

The best news of all though is the fist calf of the spring! She is a healthy little Hereford Heifer and came before the snow storm, so is happily residing with her mommy and two new found goat friends in the barn. There is a conversation about what to name the calf on my facebook page. Please give your opinion. So far I think the best name is "Seven". My 3 year old nephew came up with it. I think it's cute!

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