Sunday, December 11, 2011

Party Over?

I thought of the old saying "Party till the cow's come home" as I watched the cows meander through my front yard and garden, up the lane and into their paddock by the barns. I have no idea where this saying came from or why the party needs to end in early December, but I rather like having the cows in my back yard again.

They spend early spring through late fall down in the pasture grazing freely and then post-harvest have access to the crop fields to forage anything left behind after harvest. When the weather starts to turn nasty they come home. Bryce and his Dad round them up with tractor and Mule (Kawasaki's version that is) and direct them back up to the shelter of the barns.

It's amazing to me that the cows who have done this before have an intuition about where to go and how to get there. They have the same intuition when it is time to go back down to pasture in the spring. It's the calves and young cows that sometimes end up in the next county. Thankfully though cows are heard animals and if most of them go in one direction the others will follow (most of the time).

So...welcome home cows let's party and Merry Christmas.

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