Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dreaming of Trim!

I'm not kidding, I have been dreaming about trim over the last several nights. We started the week cleaning, patching and priming the pine plank floor in the west upstairs of the farmhouse. We also discussed getting our mail forwarded to the Janesville Home Depot since that is where I reside many days.

Since Tuesday Bryce and I have been sorting, cleaning, moving, sorting again, getting upset with trim and finally really enjoying trim. The Farmhouse is quite large and taking the trim down last year has been the single largest task to date for me (Jen), but sorting through it to get it back up has been almost as much work. Our fantastic carpenter Charlie is able to reuse the 160 year old original and very elaborate trim even though many of the rooms have changed and all of the exterior walls have been furred in to accommodate insulation. Just to give you an idea of how much trim we have picture a 2 car garage filled floor to ceiling with window trim, door trim, baseboards and doors and that is what we have! To make it even more interesting not all of the trim was labeled, and some even miss-labeled (those trim removal days got long). On top of this many our room dimensions have changed. It's like putting together a giant thousand piece puzzle where the picture has changed since you started. It really is quite fun and gives a huge sense of accomplishment when you know you have a full room set with all the trim it needs.

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