Monday, May 24, 2010

Taking the Calves and Cows to Pasture

At Riemer Family Farm, we have had 23 calves this spring. We are still awaiting the arrival of a few more. Last weekend, Jen helped move the calves with their cows down to the pasture for the first time. Many years ago, Jen had the opportunity to help her college roommate’s family move their cows to pasture. Back then it was a novelty; sort of like playing cowgirl for the afternoon. This time, there was a great sense of satisfaction knowing that these are OUR cattle and that this is the first time of many that she will be herding them to pasture. I guess Jen's no longer playing cowgirl, but rather becoming a real farmer!

As for other news on the farm, the crops are planted, the vegetable garden and heirloom roses are looking good, due to the ideal weather thus far this spring. The front lawn of the farm house has deep ruts, however, due to all of the construction equipment delivery trucks dropping off our plaster board and lumber. More on the farm house renovation progress to come...

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